About Timber


Veteran with a passion

How nice is that:

slumped on the couch, shoes off, a drink nearby and listening to wonderful music. Then we would like to introduce to you singer-songwriter Timber.

Timber is a Dutch singer-songwriter whose Americana popsongs are inspired by The Beatles and sound like John Mayer, making you feel, think and sometimes smile, in an atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation. He is a veteran, but with the passion of a young guy. After a lifetime of playing all kinds of music, it was only in 2010 that he launched his first album called Book of life. The album got some very good reviews:

“Personal, intimate lyrics, brought with much emotion” (Dutch music magazine Music Maker).

“Timber writes pesonal, intimate lyrics which he plays with much emotion”” (Dutch organisation Popunie)

In 2014 the lyrics to his song Book of life were nominated for best English lyrics at the Dutch music festival THISSFest.

If you take time to dig, you will find the deeper layer in Timber’s songs. His songs are varied and influenced by blues, rock, country, folk, etc., but always with his own twist. His lyrics are always personal: they’re about love, friendship, life and death, fear, etc.  They will most certainly evoke feelings, may provoke thought and sometimes make you smile. It’s not unlikely the songs will remind you of John Mayer (popsongs with Americana inflence), The Beatles (appealing yet intelligent), James Taylor (relaxed singing and guitar playing) and John Lennon and Don Henley (lyrics with substance).

His latest album, Clouds, contains “Ideal music for Sunday mornings” (Dutch magazine Lust for life).

Dutch magazine Heaven wrote: “On Clouds Timber shows he’s a terrific singer and songwriter and he convinces with appealing melodies, tastfully arranged”. New songs will be released in 2020.

Timber is playing live in The Netherlands regularly. He usually plays solo (voice and guitar) e.g. in a theatre, a smaller or larger stage or a living room. Sometimes he plays with a semi-acoustic band (cajon, upright bass, acoustic guitars, dobro). He plays his own songs, if requested also covers. A Timber performance is an intimate experience and when the mood is right, there certainly is interaction between artist and audience. In recent years he played for instance at De Vorstin (Hilversum), Vessel11 (Rotterdam), Kadmium (Delft), Rietveld Theater (Delft), various living room festivals, etc.

Are you a lover of pure, acoustic songs? Take time to discover Timber!


timber, noun
say: ‘tim.bər’

  • Trees that are grown so that the wood from them can be used for building
    a timber forest
    These trees are being grown for timber.
  • wood used for building
    a timber merchant
  • a long piece of wood used for building, especially houses and ships
    roof timbers
    a timber-framed building


  • The name contains part of the first name of the artist.
  • Timber is wood from a ‘dead’ tree, however the wood is still alive (and working). The same goes for Timber’s guitars.
  • And it is how Timber perceives his music to be: organic but also processed (with electrical equipment, sound effects, etc.).
  • Timber is almost spelled the same as timbre. In French (and Dutch) this means: “the quality of sound or color of sound”.


Too many to name, but if we have to:

Beatles, James Taylor, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Paul McCartney, Tim Christensen, Elvis Costello, Eagles, Richard Thompson, John Lennon, George Harrison, Sufjan Stevens, Don Henley, Eric Clapton, Jackson Browne, Crowded House.